iDECIDE facilitators come from many backgrounds and can be school or personnel from non-school partner organizations. The ideal facilitator is driven by a passion for supporting the future wellbeing of our youth, a willingness to learn techniques to best support them, and is dedicated to the iDECIDE mission. The iDECIDE team provides a workshop, continuing education, and facilitator coaching and support, so that facilitators can focus on what matters: listening, connecting with, and empowering our youth.

Facilitator requirements:

  • Obtained a letter of commitment demonstrating school/organizational support;

  • Completes iDECIDE training;

  • Adheres to the standardized curriculum, materials and protocols;

  • Maintains certification and annual fidelity checks;

  • Possesses cultural competency;

  • Recognizes student substance use is a health issue that compromises well-being and can be appropriately addressed through education and intervention;

  • Builds rapport and make connections with students; and

  • Has positive, optimistic, authentic, engaging personality with clear communication skills.

Schools Enrolled in iDECIDE

Currently over 90 schools across Massachusetts have committed to implementing the iDECIDE. See the map below to see which schools have committed to responding to substance use infractions in a research-based, supportive, and equitable way; and in a way that addresses the mental health and wellbeing of the student to promote their future success.

How to Become an iDECIDE Facilitator

Facilitators will be required to attend a free, one-day training and participate in annual fidelity checks with the iDECIDE team. If you have questions regarding how to become an iDECIDE facilitator, please feel free to reach out to our team at iDECIDE@mgh.harvard.edu.

Additional Training Opportunities

  • This will be updated with new trainings as they become available!

Upcoming Trainings

At this time, only schools in our Early Access Program are able to be trained as iDECIDE Facilitators. Should you be interested in attending future training please submit your information here to be notified when one becomes available. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the iDECIDE Team at iDECIDE@mgh.harvard.edu or at 617-643-1771.

iDECIDE is funded by a Cooperative Agreement to MGH from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Office of Youth & Young Adult Services’ federal award by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


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